Money Saving Challenge Ideas For 2022

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Money Saving Challenge Ideas For 2022

Saving money isn’t something we all find simple. In fact, there are millions of people in the UK alone who struggle with their daily finances, never mind saving money. It is so easy to spend more than you have, especially with credit cards. However, falling into debt is something we should all be wary of due to the major consequences and stress debt brings with it. Everybody should be taking care of their finances and using the appropriate techniques in order to manage their money. From budgeting methods to money saving challenges, there are numerous ways in which you can boost your financial management skills. Otherwise, you may find yourself faced with emergency financial problems and seeking external help like a payday loan, short term or bad credit loan. Therefore, here are some money saving challenge ideas that you could utilise to keep you on the right path for 2022.

1p Challenge

The first challenge you could use is the 1 penny challenge. This is where you will save one penny every single day. For example, on day one you’d save 1p, on day seven you’d save 7p all the way up to day 365. This challenge allows you to save a substantial amount of money whilst only saving a small amount each day. In fact, most days, you may not even realise how much money you are saving.

£2,022 Yearly Challenge

The second challenge you could try is saving £2,022 this year. 2022 is an important year, particularly in relation to opportunities following the past few years of the pandemic. Moving forward, you should be pushing yourself and adopting healthy financial habits. Saving £2,022 is a very challenging technique. However, if it is something you can afford, why not try and push yourself? The amount works out at roughly £168 a month. So, what are you waiting for?

Weather Challenge

Lastly, is something a little more fun, depending on where you live? The weather saving challenge offers a short term approach to saving money. The idea of the challenge is to save money depending on the temperature outside. Many people like to choose one day per week, but you can choose as many as you like depending on how much you’re willing to save and how hot your home town is.

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